All of our wealth management services (see Wealth Management) are covered under one fee, based on a percentage of your assets under management. We do not sell commission-based products, so clients know that our advice is never tainted by conflicts of interest. Click here to see our fee schedule.

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, we act as a fiduciary for our clients. This simply means that we have a legal responsibility to always act in the highest and best interest of our clients. This relationship of trust is the foundation of our business model.

We want you to confidently navigate the complexities of the financial world. We believe that integrity is the foundation for building a long-term relationship of trust with your wealth advisor.

We take the time to help our clients understand the key aspects of their financial life so decisions are made with confidence. We strive to not only advise, but to educate.

There are three questions every investor should be able to quickly answer about their financial service provider:

  1. How much does your advisor get paid through your relationship?
  2. How much risk are you taking (what is your asset allocation)?
  3. What is the rate of return on your investment strategy?

Our clients know the answers to these questions and much more.

Our clients appreciate the full range of integrated wealth management services—all for one fee.

Long-term relationships
We enjoy long-term relationships of trust with our clients. We think it is pretty simple: build trust by being trustworthy.